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RealPlayer Cloud
RealPlayer Cloud 17

RealPlayer Cloud gives you everything you need to create your own video cloud library.

RealPlayer Cloud is the same video library you’ve come to know and love from Real over the last 20 years, now with advanced cloud functionality.

What if you could access your videos from all of your devices (at least devices that can run Cloud)? What if you could share direct links to your videos for your friends and family to enjoy, as well as keep on top of trending videos right in the app?

The Cloud app lets you do this and so much more, you can even upload videos from any of your Cloud-enabled devices directly to your account, so say goodbye to laggy USB connections to retrieve your important files for good.

It’s important to note that while we like this app, it does fall short in a couple areas. The first problem with the RealPlayer app is that it’s somewhat basic when compared with other apps like DropBox or iCloud; you’ll be able to direct-share but sometimes the links don’t work and people will have to have a Realplayer account to access your content.

Many users have also noted that the built-in video capture software isn’t that great – in fact most reviewers warn that it’s better to just make videos with your phone or tablet’s stock app and then manually upload the video file through the Cloud software instead for better results.

Aside from being a little basic and not having the best video capture, we think that RealPlayer Cloud has a nice balance of features and lots of space for people that want to share, upload and save videos on multiple devices.


  • Create Your Own Cloud Video Library With RealPlayer Cloud you’ll be able to create your very own video library in the cloud.
  • Access Your Videos From All Your Devices Say goodbye to USB cords and wireless syncing forever and hello to RealPlayer! If your device can run the Cloud app, you’ll be able to access everything you share to your account anytime you want.
  • See Trending Videos in Your Feed This app also has a trending video function so you can see videos that are popular – you can also share and save the videos to your account so you can view them later.
  • Share, Save and Upload Videos to the Cloud This app gives you everything you need to share videos with friends, as well as save and upload new videos straight to the cloud you’re your device.


  • Somewhat Basic The functionality is somewhat basic, so don’t expect advanced video editing or anything like that.
  • Not the Best Video Recorder Out There From reports we’ve seen so far you’re probably better off just using your phone’s default video recording app and then uploading the file to Cloud versus using their built-in recorder.

Realplayer was one of the first media players introduced on the Internet. It was created by RealNetworks and initially released in 1995 as “RealAudio Player”. The software product was one of the first of its kind that was capable of streaming media online. Since then, several versions of the product have been developed in order to satisfy various multimedia uses. RealPlayer is supported by several media formats, including QuickTime, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG-4 and many more.


Although in recent years there have been a rash of new media players, RealPlayer manages to stay afloat because of its ability to cater to all of the multimedia needs of consumers. It can play DVDs and CDs, convert media for transfer from computers to mobile devices, organize music, share online video files, burn CDs, and download videos. It can even interact with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The basic version has been upgraded, and more advanced versions such as RealPlayer Plus have been developed to provide more features for a nominal fee.


Many RealPlayer users found the long installation process annoying and time-consuming. Users must click the “next” button several times during the installation process before reaching the “finish” button. Also, there are a few attempts to download unnecessary features. Once installation is finally completed, there is an offer that promotes upgrades to the paid versions before leading you to register at RealNetworks.

When the software is running, the interface is cluttered with ads and videos recommended by RealNetworks. However, the tedious starting process leads to some useful attributes, such as playing videos and sharing them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. It also works seamlessly with iPod, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and popular game systems.


Video downloading is faster

Improved social networking and mobile integration

Professional grade CD burner

Versions that work with Windows 7 and Windows 8

Beneficial conversion tool

Transfers online videos to mobile devices


Long and tedious installation process

Too many commercials and ads

Runs too slowly for many users

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